Dallas police release video of deadly shootout with murder suspect

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Dallas police released new information and body camera footage on Friday afternoon of a shootout that sent an officer to the hospital and killed a capital murder suspect on Wednesday.
The shooting happened at an apartment complex on Bahama Drive in West Oak Cliff.

Dallas police say the officers were attempting to serve a capital murder warrant for 18-year-old Joey Fraire, who police said is one of several men wanted for an October murder out of Farmers Branch. They found him in a car.

Fraire allegedly refused police instructions to get out of the car. Police fired pepper balls and threw flash bangs into the area. Fraire then fired at least two shots at the officers. That's when police returned fire.

DPD says 6 officers fired approximately 57 shots at Fraire. He was hit multiple times.

Police attempted life-saving measures on the suspect on the scene.

Fraire was pronounced dead at the hospital.

An officer was shot in the foot and has been treated and released from the hospital.

2 guns were found inside of car, according to police. One of those guns had an illegal ‘glock switch’ on it.

The six officers who opened fire have been placed on administrative leave, per department protocols.

Farmers Branch police believe Fraire was involved in a robbery plot that ended with the murder of a father in his own home in October.

About a week after the murder, court doents said Faire sent a picture to one of the suspects.

The picture showed someone "fanning out a large amount of money in a room with the Instagram handle" of the murder victim’s son.

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