LAPD release videos of a suspected car thief being shot by L.A. police following high-speed chase

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0:00 - Intro
0:46 - Radio broadcast
1:49 - Chase intro
3:20 - Dash cam
8:18 - Body cam
11:35 - Surveillance video
12:40 - Outro
A suspected car thief was hospitalized after leading Los Angeles police officers on a high-speed chase that ended with gunfire Friday.

The pursuit began at about 12:15 p.m. in the Pico-Union neighborhood near Washington Boulevard and Vermont Avenue when officers reported seeing a stolen pickup, according to LAPD.

During the chase, the pickup driver wove between cars, making contact with some of them.

About twenty minutes later, the suspect crashed into a parked van in the 1200 block of Paloma Street in downtown L.A.’s Garment District, jumped out of the truck and fled on foot with officers close behind.

Witness Eric Gurrola told KTLA’s Rachel Menitoff that the suspect was carrying a large gun as he ran into an alley.

“As soon as he disappeared into the alley, I heard [what sounded like] fireworks popping off,” Gurrola said. “Once I heard the popping, I just avoided the whole situation. This area is kind of bad so you see a lot of crazy stuff, but to see it in front of you and the cops actually chasing him, that’s what made it a little bit more crazy.”

Dozens of officers converged on the scene and, minutes later, paramedics wheeled the suspect out of a warehouse on a gurney. He was transported to a local hospital in unknown condition.

LAPD would only confirm that the suspect — believed to be around 30 years old — was shot by officers. No officers were injured, a police spokesperson said.

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