Body cam footage shows man fleeing police by jumping into Kalamazoo River and did not resurface

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Police are searching for a man who jumped into the Kalamazoo River to escape officers attempting to arrest him Monday.

The man had been driving a motorcycle near Michigan Avenue and Rose Street when an officer attempted to stop him for a license plate violation, according to police.

The man refused to stop. He later abandoned his motorcycle after it suffered mechanical issues near Harrison Street and E Michigan Avenue and ran from officers.

In body camera footage, the man is then shown jumping into the Kalamazoo River. He appeared to be swimming across the river, but was soon carried downriver.

Officers can be heard telling the man to come out of the water and calling for backup, saying the man appeared to be drowning.

"Come out here now," said one officer to the man as he moved downriver. "You're gonna die in there, dude."

Several officers later jumped into the river in an attempt to rescue the man. Police say the man went under the water and did not resurface.

The Kalamazoo County Dive Team and rescue boat and aviation units were called to the scene to search for the man, but he was not found Monday.

The search efforts are continuing Tuesday.

Police are working to determine the man's identity.

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