15 injured in an experiment with liquid nitrogen in Girona, Spain - Sept 30, 2022

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The explosion of a liquid nitrogen drum at the Casa de Cultura de Girona, in Plaça de l'Hospital, has injured around fifteen people of varying degrees, as confirmed by the Fire Department. The injured are nine minors and six adults.

The experiment was carried out by scientific publicist Dani Jiménez and an assistant. The assistant was injured and, according to the delegate of the Interior in Girona, he is admitted in a condition "between serious and less serious". Three minors are less serious and 11 are slightly injured.
The deflagration took place when some experiments were being carried out as part of the Night of Research in the courtyard of the cultural center, in front of an audience of mostly children. The activity was organized by the University of Girona.

The event took place around 7:45PM local time when there were around 250 people in the cultural center.

According to a press release from the University of Girona, this is a dissemination experiment that is usually carried out in this type of events. They explain that, on this occasion, there has been the formation of an excessive volume of water vapor which has caused various effects in the nearest public.

The mayor of Girona, Marta Madrenas, has confirmed that the activity was organized by the University of Girona, and that at the time of the explosion there were "many people" in the courtyard of the site. Madrenas indicated that the person who was most affected was the one handling the drum, who was taken "immediately" to the Trueta hospital.

The Fire Department has sent 5 crews, and units of the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Medical Emergency System have also been activated to attend to the injured.

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