Dirt Floor Engineering - Repairing a Cat Sprocket Wheel

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Repairing a Caterpillar rear drive sprocket wheel literally on the side of the road - outside of some buildings...with good weather nearly all year round why pay for a building!! Again, not a refence to a Manual or notes of any description - they just start work and seem to know what they're doing. To get this work done by the Dealer or their Accredited Agent would be prohibitively expensive and take so long to complete - and you'd be lucky to find a spot in their book when they could fit you in....these guys by comparison will not charge you 'An arm and a leg' or make you wait - they'd fit you in the very next day!

Got to love their torque wrenches - usually a long scaffold bar over the wrench and the sound of the squeak is enough to tell you you're within that range (thereabouts) as in 27:52. No work seems to be beyond these guys. If you owned this machine you'd want it up and running as soon as possible to keep earning the loot...

Please Note: caveats apply, we don't need to hear about safety flip flops or the like - thanks.

You Know The Thing.

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