Romanian activist beaten right in front of the cops after a movie-like chase

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Romanian activist Nițu Robert Gabriel was beaten in front of the police officers for whom he asked for help. The assailants followed him in traffic, smashed his car window and stormed him while the police were a few meters away. The images show the man stopping the car in front of a police crew and telling what happened to him, begging for help.

According to the civic activist, he was pursued and blocked in traffic by several live chicken traders from the commune of Cernătești, Buzau.

According to the local press, the conflict broke out after Nițu Robert tried to present to the public and the authorities the illegal sale of live chickens.

In the first part of the conflict, the aggressors tried to get the activist out of the car, but he blocked the doors. As a result, the individuals broke the mirror and broke the rear window of the car.
The aggressors continued to follow him even after he managed to start the car and run away. After a few moments, the aggressors arrive and stop at the signal of the police, but they are indifferent to their presence there and rush on the car in which the activist was.

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