Florida Man Caught Drunk Driving While Wearing “I’m the Reason the Beer’s Always Gone” T-Shirt

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Florida man was arrested for a DUI while driving almost three times over the legal limit, all while wearing an “I’m the Reason the Beer’s Always Gone” t-shirt.

A Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy was conducting radar enforcement on Aug. 16 when an orange pickup truck sped past him. Police radar confirmed the truck was traveling at 89 mph in a 45 mph zone.

When the deputy activated his lights and sirens for a traffic stop, the driver, later identified as 41-year-old James Rix Jr., tried to evade him and turned off his truck lights, according to a Facebook post by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident was captured on the deputy's dashcam.

The deputy eventually caught up with Rix and initiated a DUI traffic stop. On body cam footage, the deputy is heard saying he could smell the alcohol on Rix’s breath.

While participating in Field Sobriety Exercises, Rix is seen wearing the “I’m the Reason the Beer’s Always Gone” t-shirt. After completing the exercises, the deputy informed Rix, "he failed the tests and is under arrest." At that point, deputies say Rix became verbally aggressive.

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