Homicide suspect arrested after he calls 911 for cold McDonald's fries

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A Lawrenceville man called police to complain about cold french fries at a Kennesaw McDonald's last Friday, only to be arrested on an outstanding charge related to a homicide case.

According to a warrant, the Kennesaw Police Department arrested Antoine Sims on Friday, Aug. 5 at the McDonald's at 2049 Cobb Parkway near Old Highway 41. Sims, 24, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in a homicide case.

Sims is accused of setting a car on fire with a woman's dead body inside. The case dates back to 2018, during a reported drug deal at his apartment, where he was accused of shooting and killing a woman sitting in the passenger seat of her boyfriend's car, according to news reports from the time. Sims then reportedly took the car to a Lawrenceville subdivision, igniting the car with the body still inside.

The arrest came after Sims called the police about an altercation at the McDonald's, where he said that he found his french fries cold after not being alerted that they were ready. Sims then approached the manager, with the situation escalating to the point where Sims was asked to leave and never return, according to David Buchanan, a Kennesaw police spokesman.

Upon arrival at the McDonald's, police radioed dispatch to run information on Sims through crime databases, per Buchanan.

Upon finding the outstanding warrant, officers attempted to arrest Sims, only to have him flee across five lanes of traffic into The Ellison apartment complex, according to the warrant.

Sims then attempted to enter a room in the complex, only to have the residents inside alert authorities, according to the warrant.

Police also found three bags of marijuana in his car, totaling 31.2 grams, the warrant continues. In addition to his existing warrant, Sims is charged with obstruction or hindering law enforcement, criminal trespass, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He is being held at the Cobb County jail without bond.

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