Video shows Orange County deputy shoot, kill man carrying gun at hotel

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Body camera video released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on Friday shows the moments leading up to a man being fatally shot by a deputy earlier this month.

The sheriff’s office responded to 7900 S. Orange Blossom Trail after receiving reports of a shooting during a fight two men had with another man outside of the Heritage Hotel.

Video posted by the sheriff’s office shows a deputy arriving and running up to the hotel to a man found shot on the ground, who was later identified as 21-year-old Dylan Michael Jimenez. The sheriff’s office said in an original release Jimenez and his brother, Bryan Matthew Richardson, 28, were the two who had an altercation with another man outside the hotel.

The sheriff’s office said Jimenez and the other man were wounded when the two shot at each other. Richardson was with Jimenez in the parking lot when deputies arrived, according to the sheriff’s office.

Video shows a man tending to Jimenez telling the deputy he was a paramedic and described a gunshot wound on Jimenez’s chest. While the deputy is speaking to the man, multiple people are heard yelling to law enforcement, “He has a gun in his hand pointing it at people.”

The deputy runs over to the man with the gun, identified as Richardson, and pulls out his weapon. The video shows the armed deputy and another deputy directing Richardson to drop the gun multiple times.

Richardson is seen yelling something at the deputies before he is shot multiple times.

Richardson, Jimenez and the third man injured in the initial altercation were taken to the hospital. Richardson and Jimenez were pronounced dead at the hospital.

Body camera video released on the sheriff’s office’s social media platforms included Orange County Sheriff John Mina explaining the situation leading up to the shooting. News 6, however, has decided to not include the sheriff’s video statement as it was a recorded message with no opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

News 6 requested the entire body camera video from the sheriff’s office, but the agency said, “This is what is being released at this time, as per our policy.”

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