Assumption Cathedral.

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The oldest building in modern Moscow is located on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. Sometimes it opens museum expositions for visitors, occasionally divine services are held (mostly festive), but in general, access is closed for visitors.
Key dates:
1327 - construction of the first temple
1471 - start of construction according to the project of Krivtsov and Myshkin
1474 - destruction of the unfinished cathedral earthquake
1479 - construction of a modern temple

During the occupation of Moscow by the French in 1812, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, the Lord's robe, the Korsun crosses and other valuables were taken out of the cathedral. Among the tombs of the saints, only the cancer of Metropolitan Jonah survived. Horse stalls were arranged in the premises of the temple. The vestments from the icons were melted into 5.3 tons of silver and 290 kg of gold. Part of the metal was returned during the retreat of the troops, from which in 1817 the master A. Gedlung cast a chandelier decorated with images of flowers, ears of corn, and vines. The cathedral was re-consecrated on August 30, 1813 by Bishop Augustine of Dmitrov (Vinogradsky).

The main iconostasis of the cathedral was created in 1653; 69 icons were painted for it by masters from Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Ostashkov. It consists of five tiers and reaches 16 meters in height. In 1654, icon cases for the icons of the lower row were made by craftsmen from the Armory. The icon of the Holy Trinity is placed in the patristic order. The forefathers are drawn in full growth, with scrolls in their hands. The prophetic tier consists of 17 icons depicting the prophets in front of the Mother of God of the Sign. In the festive row there are images that reflect the evangelical events that are annually celebrated by the church. Among them are 'The Nativity of the Mother of God', 'The Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos', 'Baptism', 'The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem', 'The Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos'.

You can learn more about the history of the cathedral and take a virtual walk around it at https://assumption-cathedral.kreml.ru/en-Us/museum-assumption-cathedral/

Sound - I allowed myself to stage the soundtrack 'Stanza in honor of the Meeting of the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir', the author of the text and melody is the Tsar of All Russia Ivan IV the Terrible.

For 'sofa experts', I clarify that America was discovered only 40 years before the birth of Ivan Vasilyevich, and hip-hop with rap had not yet managed to reach Moscow. There was practically no classical music as such either.
There was only CHURCH MUSIC.

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