Fairfax street takeover gang attempts to break into police car with officer inside

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A Fairfax County, Virginia, female police officer was recently surrounded in her vehicle and attacked by a street takeover gang.

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis shared the details of the attack that took place early Easter Sunday morning on the officer’s vehicle as she called in for help.

The unidentified officer spotted the group doing donuts in an industrial area parking lot in Springfield, Virginia. When she approached the crowd in her vehicle, the large crowd surrounded her, shaking the police cruiser and attempting to break into the doors.

“A huge crowd is hitting my car. I need units to expedite,” the police officer is heard saying in a video recording played at a Fairfax County police press conference on Wednesday.

Davis said that the videos show the perpetrators “trying to open her car doors” and were “a bunch of masked tough guy wannabe thugs.”

“I believe they fully intended to drag her out of that car, but thankfully, they didn’t get into the car, and she escaped unharmed,” he said.

Davis added, “This is not going to happen again in Fairfax County.”

He clarified that the people involved in the street takeover are “not young people exercising their First Amendment” but are instead “criminals.”

Social media and police dash cam videos of the incident showed the crowd mobbing the police car, attacking the doors and windows, and jumping on the roof of the vehicle.

One of the videos showed an individual waving a gun in the air. When more officers arrived, the crowd fled the scene.

“The police exist to address crime and disorder. This is both crime and disorder. I don’t know anyone who has an appetite for this to continue,” Davis said Wednesday.

The police chief shared several arrests of suspects they believe may be connected to Sunday’s incident.

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