The Raptors!

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Peregrine Falcons nesting atop of Norwich Cathedral ...they often return to old nesting sites this pair have returned. This is a vid from the Hawk and Owl Trust.

As the writing is hard to see (if you have bad vision) so I copied the txt here for those who are interested.

the male arrives to the old nest and calls for his partner

she arrives to check the place out - she's a third larger than the male.

He entices her back with fresh kill
she takes it off him and flies off to eat it

they continue their bonding by calling and bowing to each other

He continues to guard the nest as there are other peregrines roaming the area looking for a prime site to nest..

02:02 another female appears looking menacing - the smaller male is no match for the larger female so he flies off to team up with his partner so together they can see her off.

A few days later and it's all settled down but it's foggy - he brings her food to show he's a good provider..

they call softly to each other.. and he bows to confirm his allegiance to her.

03:10 with a strong bond between them they now mate

three weeks later the first egg is laid - the nale comes in to inspect the egg - his parental instincts are strong but she's not quite ready to let him guard the egg.

Incubation doesn't start properly until the third or forth egg is laid so she will often just stand over them in these early days.

04:41 the male shares these duties and makes sure they don't get too cold - he is often reluctant to hand back the duties to his female..

05:08 she takes a little nap and leaves it to him for a while before making it clear it's now her turn..

8 days later a full clutch of 4 eggs have been laid.

06:56 he flies back and curls his talons so he doesn't harm the eggs - Incubation now starts in earnest and lasts for about 34 days with the male doing his bit - he talks to the eggs as he warms them.

But Trouble is Never Far Away..

07:58 a female intruder enters.. she tries to intimidate the male to leave the nest and she goes to inspect the eggs - no one knows her intentions..

she pecks at them and puts her foot on one of them - her needle sharp talons could easily go through the shell then she gets distracted..

the resident pair do fly by movements and she flies off - no harm done this time..

Life settles down and the first egg is soon hatched.. he flies in to bond with the new chich talking to him..

hours later another egg hatches ...she eats the shell to reuse the minerals. the male flies in regularly with food - he keeps the chicks warm while she eats.

she then lets him know it's her turn and he departs

12:43 4 eggs hatched and the old man flies in to inspect his brood!

over the next few days the chicks are fed 6 to 8 feeds per day and they grow at a rapid rate

Day 12 and the first feathers are appearing..

Day 18 and with no shortage of food they are growing fast!

Day 20 and they are now taking an interest in their surroundings.

Day 26 their feathjers are growing daily and they are becoming competitive.

Day 32 and they're almost as big as their parents!

Day 35 testing the air in their feathers..

Lessons in Life - the mother brings food but they have to work it out themselves.

the parents fly past to show them how it's done..

Day 40 and whilst playing the first one flies off - within a week they all fly.

19:05 it's like a bone yard up there!
19:40 gaining confidence during a thermal rush the last one finally fledges.

With Thanks to the Hawk and Owl Trust.

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