Weekend Cinema - Measured for Transport. 1962

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Another British Transport Filum Classic from the early 60's - if that doesn't do it for ya, do a twirl and Whacko outahere, this ain't for you at all (in fact, it's for me but if you wanna' share it feel free). Any followers to this channel will know what to expect and will get the best of Rail, Transport, Dirt Floor Engineering, and other off-beat films

This is another sardonic look at getting an 123 ton transformer into the middle of a beautiful part of the country - Snowdonia in north Wales - 'Blaenau Ffestiniog' for installation into a special power station. Because the roads were not good enough for such a heavy load they had to use an old railway which was put down a hundred years ago to take away the beautiful blue Welsh slate mined in the area which many cities used for their roofs and pavements... anyway, if you're interested take a look at Pickford's men doing their stuff... a great Sunday Afternoon Matinee Film - even if I say so myself!

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