Atlanta officers deescalate with a man armed with a knife

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On Sunday, August 8, 2022, APD officers were dispatched to a call regarding a male who advised he felt like harming himself or someone else. The male further advised he was armed with a knife, and that he would stab responding police officers. Officers arrived on the scene, located the male, and began working to de-escalate the situation.

Officers convince the man to move to a safer place on the sidewalk and they continue trying to de-escalate the situation. Eventually, the man complies with officers and is taken into custody without injury. We are grateful for the work these officers put into de-escalating this situation and helping this individual get proper medical attention.

Officers understand the need to deescalate situations, and they understand just how quickly their intentions can be thwarted based on the behavior of the suspect or individual they encounter. We are extremely proud of the response of these officers.

They all worked in unison to bring this to a safe close. We are happy this individual complied so that he could be detained and get the help he needed.

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