Dashcam video shows fleeing suspect in Powder Springs that ended in a fiery crash

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Newly-released video shows the moment when law enforcement spotted a suspect allegedly involved in a triple shooting – igniting a chase that ended in a fiery crash.

The shooting, which occurred on Friday morning in Forest Park, killed 43-year-old Brandon Harris and injured two others. The incident sparked a lockdown in the city that lasted for hours.

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The Forest Park Police Department was able to identify a suspect in the afternoon and accused Victor Baymon of being involved in several shooting incidents in the city. At that time, officers were still actively searching for Baymon.

In a press conference, Forest Park Police Chief Brandon Criss said Baymon followed his ex-girlfriend as she went to a tax preparation office -- ultimately shooting the person preparing the taxes and then a worker inside a convenience store. Criss said Baymon then carjacked a man, crashed that vehicle at an apartment complex about a block away, and then carjacked a woman. Baymon made it as far as the 4300 block of Jonesboro Road before he got out and shot a construction worker at random, Criss said.

According to Powder Springs Police, flock cameras identified the vehicle involved in the carjacking outside of Forest Park. Law enforcement spotted the suspect and started chasing him in Powder Springs.

The video shows where the suspect moving dangerously through traffic. Dashcam video shows police chasing after the car and following the suspect as he started to swerve and drive on the wrong side of the road.

The chase lasted a few minutes and ended on Richard D. Sailors Parkway, where Baymon hit a tree on a median – damaging the vehicle and sparking a fire.

Officers approached the car to pull the suspect out of the vehicle as firefighters arrived on the scene to assist. Body camera video shows law enforcement calling for fire extinguishers to stop the fire from spreading.

11Alive only showed a portion of the bodycam video because the suspect appears to be unconscious as he is pulled from the car

Police were then able to take Baymon into custody. He was sent to the hospital for his injuries. According to the Forest Park Police Department, he will be taken into the Clayton County Jail once he recovers and is discharged.

"Chief Brandon Criss and members of the Forest Park Police Department sincerely appreciate the help of all agencies with apprehending the suspect. Our agency remains committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all of our citizens," a spokesperson for Forest Park Police said.

Baymon is facing malice murder, armed robbery, hijacking of a motor vehicle and aggravated assault charges. According to police, more charges could be added.

Baymon was previously released from prison in Nov. 2022 after being found guilty of eluding police in 2019.

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