Dash cam shows short pursuit of suspect who fled from a traffic stop and crashed into a wall

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Moore officers responded to a scary situation and made all the right moves. They were responding to reports of someone with a gun which eventually led to a short chase and then a crash.

Their response was all caught on camera. The video shows how officers safely handled the situation.

Police say their training made sure the situation didn’t get any worse.

“During the incident, officers responded with clear, controlled commands towards the suspect while also utilizing resources the department provides like less lethal equipment and shields, but most importantly, officers de-escalated the situation with techniques based on emotion.

“We were so proud of how those officers handled that with emotional control… They just handled this so professionally, they were calm before they went up on the vehicle. They went up, they had a plan,” said Wes Yost Lieutenant with support services at Moore Police Department.

Officers pulled the driver over, but when another officer arrived, the suspect took off, eventually crashing into someone’s backyard.

In dash cam video, you can hear officers communicating and making a plan.

The driver crashed into Pascal Quintero’s backyard, leaving damage to his fence.

“All of a sudden there was a big bang, and it just sounded like a big crash and then the engine was revving up and revving up because the person was trying to get off the wall,” said Pascal Quintero, a Moore resident.

Quintero said he saw officers command the driver to get out of the car, and it took her over 10 minutes to get out.

“She wouldn’t get out. And then they saw us, and they had guns and everything, they told us, to get back in the house. So we got back in,” said Quintero.

Police told KFOR the officers utilized all the right resources when responding to the situation.

“It (bean bag shotgun) was out on the scene. One of the officers was actually carrying it. You can see that in the video. And then the shield, that was what we used when we approached the vehicle,” said Yost.

The Moore Police Department is commending officers for their response.

“Instead of hearing the chaos that you hear all around the nation, with officers screaming and cursing and yelling. Well, we were so proud of it that those officers handled that with emotional control… So instead of just running up to the car, those officers used the tools that the community has provided us,” said Yost.

Moore police also said officers go through hours of deescalating training through a virtual simulator to help officers know how to respond in situations like this. They believe it was put into action during this incident and resulted in a safe outcome.

The gun the driver reportedly had was found at the scene where it all started.

Moore police said this incident involved a minor, so they will not be releasing details on the suspect.

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