Helicopter shows suspect arrested after carjacking two vehicles during chase in Kent County

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A man and woman accused of stealing a vehicle, fleeing from police, and carjacking several other cars were arrested after crashing in King County earlier this week.

On Tuesday, February 13, deputies attempted to contact the driver of a stolen Cadillac Escalade in Kent. The driver pulled into a gas station and went inside the store, but as soon as law enforcement approached, the driver ran back into the Escalade and sped off.

Officers did not pursue the vehicle, but Guardian 1 with King County Sheriff's Office Air Support followed the Escalade as it sped through Kent. The driver ran into multiple vehicles in the process.

Eventually, the driver got out of the Escalade and carjacked one vehicle, and then another vehicle shortly after.

Guardian 1 continued following the man as officers backed off.

The driver eventually crashed into another vehicle in unincorporated southeast King County and was taken into custody.

A woman who was with the suspect in the Escalade stayed behind at the first carjacking and drove away in the Escalade. She caused the vehicle to roll after speeding away in Bellevue.

Neighbors called 911 saying the woman was hiding near some trees in a creek bed, and officers took her into custody with help from Guardian 1's FLIR 380 HDc camera.

Both suspects had their first court appearance on Wednesday and are facing multiple felony-level criminal charges.

The driver, identified as 26-year-old Ernesto Rojas-Renteria, is charged with two counts of first-degree robbery, attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle, and possession of a stolen vehicle. He's being held on $290,000 bail.

The female accomplice was identified as 24-year-old Brandy Marie Gomez and faces charges of attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle. Her bond is set at $15,000.

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