Gun Ownership System Update; The Right to Bear Arms - Limitations _The Final Solution - Greater Good

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Modern Day Agenda including Gun Control in the United States, and Canada. 🗺 World Politics - Reality or Games 🏐 Current Reality #Government #Canada #Documentary #Documentaries #USA #Guns #Regulation #System 🕍 Gun Ownership System Update - The Right to Bear Arms - Limitations - Government of Canada special on Gun Limitation Regulation System

Legal "citizen" or entitled person without Military Ranking to be limited to own still under the right to bear arms.

1 or 2 Handguns, 1 or 2 Rifles, 1 or 2 Shotguns - Max Limit no more allowance to buy, sell or trade.. unless licensed to sell or trade - Firearms are for and owned by the original owner, and are supposed to be maintained as such with regular cleaning, training, usage or sport.

🆔 increased identification of ones buying, or selling firearms for a criminal purpose, nature or intention

Generational Censusing done by the Government, sole-agents or other affiliated agencies can identify proper owners to keep their rights safe, but also can identify ones violating the law.

Asset analyzation including property ownership or rental information determines classification of firearm that could be legally bought or owned.

Lessen the amount of illegal handguns that are being trafficked by finding legal framework designed to help and protect Canadians or others that deserve the right to own a firearm but are having trouble doing so legally and that are tempted to continue to help fuel the criminal market for the illegal firearms. *Not by taking ones to jail, but by educating or supplying resources needed to have those struggling get back into place where they were born, belong and have retained their legal certificate for living here in Canada or elsewhere.

Stop the sale of the illegal firearms for the sole purpose of crimes such as Robbery, or Murder as well as many other crimes that stem from a simple purchase or sale of a Non-Regulated or documented gun known as a "Legal Firearm" *Ones with no true legal intention will be easily identified under this system

introduce this system in jurisdictions that thought they could illegally intimidator the system of legal gun ownership and the right to bear arms, ones that formed large "Militia" groups that are anti-Government or anti-law or are deemed as Terrorist, in nature or intention; and start classifying ones as criminal, start systematically enforcing the law on the ones that fail to abide

Bring it back to the grass roots of Gun Ownership, North America, our History, our Fundamentals

#RightToBearArms #Guns #FinalSolution

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