Truck driver cited after sliding on icy Hwy. 20, hitting OSP patrol SUV, Black Butte Ranch ambulance

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A truck driver was cited for careless driving after he lost control on icy Highway 20 near the entrance to Suttle Lake on Tuesday morning, crashing into an Oregon State Police patrol SUV and a Black Butte Ranch Fire Department ambulance, but fortunately causing no injuries.

Black Butte Ranch Police released a body-camera video of the crashes and said it’s “just a reminder to slow down well below the speed limit when you see emergency lights. Our lives are in your hands.”

Police said in a social post they responded around 8:25 a.m. to assist on a crash after a vehicle slid off the road due to the icy conditions.

Black Butte Ranch Fire medics arrived to assess the patient, and a Deschutes County sheriff’s deputy assisted by setting up west of the accident to slow traffic down.

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An OSP trooper arrived shortly after 9 a.m. to take a report on the crash, police said, but “before he even put his vehicle into park on the eastbound shoulder, his SUV was struck by an Isuzu commercial truck that had lost control on the ice due to speed and the icy conditions.”

“After hitting the OSP SUV, the Isuzu continued forward, hitting the front of the Black Butte Ranch Fire Department ambulance and coming to rest near the back of the ambulance,” they wrote.

Three medics and a patient from the first crash were in the back of the ambulance, but no one was injured, police said.

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