Bodycam shows Dallas police shooting at armed man with child nearby

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Dallas police released body camera video showing one officer firing at an armed man who was standing very close to a child. No one was hit and the man surrendered.

The Dallas Police Department released body cam footage of the incident in an effort to be transparent.

It happened in east Oak Cliff around 10 a.m. Saturday. Police had received a 911 call from family members who said 60-year-old Jerome Stevenson had pointed a rifle at them.

When officers arrived, they found Stevenson on the porch still holding the gun.

After ordering him multiple times to drop the weapon, Officer Robert Lyons shot at Stevenson one time.

No one was hurt in the shooting but Stevenson’s son, a juvenile, was standing in the home’s front yard at the time.

The boy initially told the 911 operator that his father and fired an AK-style rifle at them. Police said further investigation determined the original 911 caller said Stevenson had fired into the air, not at them.

Stevenson was arrested for discharging a weapon.

Police shared photos of the rifle they said Stevenson had pointed at them when they first arrived at the scene.

According to Dallas police, officers found two holes in the ceiling inside the house, which correspond with statement that he fired at the ceiling after a fight with his family.

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