76-year-old purposely hit Flagler construction worker with Porsche

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A 76-year-old driver faces charges after he purposely hit a construction worker who was directing traffic, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Donald Steimle, of Ocala, was arrested Thursday in Palm Coast.

Deputies said the victim was directing traffic on Camino Del Mar Parkway in an area where the road was down to one lane due to road paving.

Steimle drove his Porsche Cayenne into the single lane of traffic when it was not his turn and the victim jumped in front of the SUV to prevent a head-on crash, the release said.

Steimle started screaming at the victim before revving his engine, causing the SUV to lurch forward and hit the victim in the leg, deputies said.

The victim was not badly hurt, but he moved out of the SUV’s path and Steimle drove off, officials said.

The victim was able to get a photo of the license plate, and deputies said they were able to track the vehicle to a home on San Marco Court in Palm Coast. When questioned, Steimle denied hitting the construction, body camera video of the arrest shows.

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