Indian child archer shoots 75 arrows at moving target above her head while standing on nails

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A six-year old archer in India shot 75 arrows at a spinning target above her head that she could only see from its reflection in a bowl of water, while standing on a platform of nails.

The remarkable feat -- which is being assessed as a likely world record -- was for and on Indian Independence Day (Sunday 15 August). If approved as a world record, it will be her fifth.

Last Independence Day, Sanjana shot 111 arrows while suspended upside-down, completing the task in 13 minutes and 15 seconds and setting a record in the process.

Recreating a feat done by Arjuna, a major characters of the Indian epic Mahabharata, and adapting it to 'corona' times, Sanjana stood on a platform of 750 nails and shot 75 arrows at a spinning wheel overhead, aiming for a coronavirus-shaped target. The only way she could see the target was by looking at its reflection in a tub of water near her feet.

She chose 75 arrows as it is India's 75th Independence Day.

Reports say her record attempt will be validated by judges from Guinness World Records and the Human Ultimate World Records.

She is a student of the HU Archery Mission and a pupil of Shihan Hussaini, and director of the archery coaches committee of the Archery Association of India (AAI).

Sanjana reportedly also has three honorary doctorates from various universities.

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