Wooden Toys.

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'A difficult childhood, devoid of vitamins; wooden toys nailed to the floor; hairy hands of a nanny boxer; a chamber pot with a handle inside; baby carriage a dump truck; low ceilings and a rattle made of nails ...'

In every joke there is only a fraction of a joke, so we finish with jokes (at least for the moment) and look only at the wooden toys that my friend Alexander Bukuev makes.
Development, manufacturing, painting - he does everything himself with his own hands.

Alexander changed the scheme of the classic nutcracker - he had a lever sticking out of the back, in new models the lever did not spoil the appearance of the toy.
Pencil holders will decorate both a child's school desk and an office desk.
Piggy banks for coins - he has many different types.
Also makes tanks, helicopters, soldier figures et cetera.

And I didn’t show you the chess set made by him - there is a photo, but the work is not over yet - the finishing of the playing field is in progress. Imagine chess pieces 25-40 centimeters high. Everyone is different, even pawns :-)
For each figure there is a separate shelter niche around the table perimeter.
But such a pleasure is worth somewhere from USD5000.

At first glance, Tchaikovsky would have come up as background music, but I decided to move away from the template - so you are listening to the theme 'Federal Highway' from the techno-opera 'The Little Mermaid' by Victor Argonov (Vladivostok, Russia).

It's very hard to put together a video on one gigabyte of RAM, but I did it. )))

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