Body cam video shows barrage of bullets fired at police in 2023 Kendallville standoff

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Body cam footage from the Kendallville Police Department, showing the dramatic standoff where dozens of shots were fired at police at a Kendallville apartment in April of last year.

April 12 will mark exactly one year since a man fired what police call “hundreds” of high-powered rounds at responding officers. Police say the gunman, 60-year-old Michael Emmons, died of injuries he suffered after the nearly 11-hour standoff. The Noble County Coroner ruled his cause and manner of death as undetermined.

None of the over 200 officers at the scene were hurt by the gunfire.

The body cam video released on Wednesday shows police and neighbors taking cover.

21Alive reporter Taylor Williams spoke with some of those neighbors, who talked about what they experienced that day. While no officers or bystanders were physically hurt, neighbors say the emotional trauma has stayed with them long after the dozens of bullet holes were repaired.

“When I seen all the bullet holes and my daughter being in that apartment--that really set in for me,” neighbor Ashley Master said. “It brings everything back. I’m just very thankful that nobody got hurt, and I still have my girls.”

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