Bees make their nest in restaurant kitchen in Thailand

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A swarm of bees built their nest inside a restaurant kitchen.

The creatures gathered inside the dish cabinet in pairs of two to three until the staff noticed more bees flying around a kitchen in Buriram province, Thailand.

After a few months, their nest – which had grown as big as a watermelon – was discovered when restaurant cook Mi Meemuk, 63, was cleaning up the cabinets.

The old woman said she thought of removing the hive at first but changed her mind as the insects never harmed them and brought luck to their eatery.

She said: ‘I first found them in the cabinet where the plates and spoons were kept. These bees were peaceful, they don’t try to harm me nor any other person opening the cabinet.

‘I will let the bees live here until they leave on their own. I think these bees bring luck to our restaurant luck so I feel that they are special.’

The cook added that during the bees’ six months of stay on the restaurant, their sales were better compared to their competition even during the pandemic.

She said: ‘I know they came here for a reason. We allowed them to have a home inside a restaurant so they help our place thrive by bringing luck.’

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