Orlando Police Department releases body cam video of shootout with stolen car suspect

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0:00 - Body cam 1
3:25 - Surveillance video
6:08 - Body cam 2
9:47 - Body cam 3
18:39 - Body cam 4
Orlando Police have released new body camera video showing the start of a shootout with a man last month.

The clip begins with security video showing the man's vehicle pull in front of officers when someone begins shooting.

William Bullock, 36, of Winter Park is in custody accused of shooting at officers from a stolen vehicle and leading them on a chase.

Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón said officers didn’t do anything to provoke the suspect before he started shooting at them and filled their car with bullet holes.

Two holes are in the driver’s side window of an Orlando police car with several more on the hood.

Shots fired allegedly by Bullock.

Security cameras from a home off Jim Glenn Drive captured the alleged shooting between two Orlando police officers and the suspect in a stolen car.

In video previously obtained by WESH 2, you can see a blue car which police say was an undercover police car pull up near the intersection of Jim Glenn and Rose Avenue.

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