Attractive female caddies hired by male golfers in Thailand explain why they do it

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A group of so-called 'pretty caddies', paid to keep mostly male golfers company on the fairway in Thailand, explained why they do the job.

The bizarre, many would say sexist, feature of golf culture in Thailand is widespread in the country.

The young women, all from a course in Bangkok, are tasked with escorting men on their rounds.

Unlike other countries, Thai golf courses provide attractive female caddies to keep their customers company as they walk or ride carts through 18 holes.

Such caddies often receive large tips for their efforts.

Speaking in the video, Nong Apple said that she wanted to become a golf caddie so she could learn other languages. She said that customers had bought her sexy lingerie before.

"My duty is to hold the umbrella for the customer and provide advice about the golf course, entertain my customer and make my customer comfortable," she added.

Nong Apple and her colleague both said that she had received expensive gifts from customers.

Thailand’s bizarre golf caddy industry was investigated in 2018. It emerged that attractive caddies regularly earned around 5,000 Baht (160 US dollars) a day or more.

Anurak Tossarat, General Director of the Department of Employment, was probing allegations of Burmese and Cambodian migrant workers being used on courses when he discovered the widespread use of attractive young Thai women to entertain members.

The politician found that the girls carried out tasks such as driving a golf cart, holding umbrellas, and wiping sweat during the round. However, some would also continue to the bar afterwards and escort the player to meals and parties in the evening.

He said: "Pretty caddies can earn the most, especially if they are cute, playful, talkative and charming. Some of them have been to the best universities and enjoy the career meeting men from different backgrounds."

Nonetheless, the custom is also criticised as sexist, not to mention off-putting to women who might want to try the sport.

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