Elderly man dies a week later after LAPD use of force arrest and when he refused medical treatment

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On July 24, 2022, at around 12:26 pm, Van Nuys patrol officers responded to a radio call of a battery investigation at a residence in the 6600 block of Woodman Avenue. Officers made contact with the female suspect and her husband.

The suspect was accused of striking her neighbor. As the officers attempted to take the suspect into custody, her husband tried to intervene and became argumentative and combative with officers. A Non-Categorical Use of Force (NCUOF) occurred in which firm grips and physical force were used to control the suspect and her husband. Ultimately the suspect was taken into custody and her husband submitted to the officers’ directions.

Immediately following the NCUOF, the suspect’s husband (Subject) complained of chest pain and a Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Rescue Ambulance (RA) was summoned to the location and transported the Subject to a local hospital. The hospital staff advised the Subject he should be admitted into the hospital based upon medical tests. The Subject refused admission and left the hospital without further medical treatment.

A Van Nuys supervisor responded to the location and conducted a NCUOF investigation.

On August 1, 2022, at around 8:40 am, Van Nuys patrol officers responded to the Subject’s residence for a radio call of a death investigation. The subject of the NCUOF had died inside of his apartment. The preliminary investigation indicated that no foul play was involved.

The Subject of the LERI was never handcuffed or arrested as a result of this incident. The suspect was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

No officers were injured.

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