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Caution: This could be mind numbing bad so always practice safe software and always Click Wisely. (you have to listen to 60 seconds of 'tune' before you hear the 'call sign')

many people and especially rivet counters and the like have been fascinated with the Numbers Stations that are traditionally broadcast on the Short Wave frequency so it can propagate itself (the signal) around the globe by bouncing off the ionosphere apparently... (I'm just acleaner, I read this so you don't have to). Anyway, the consensus is they are coded messages to secret agents by various countries to various agents throughout the world in nearly every country there is. One particular famous Numbers Station Codenamed, 'E 03 The Lincolnshire Poacher' uses the British folk tune 'The Lincolnshire Poacher' as it's carrier signal which is then followed by coded numbers. Up until 2008 it used to be broadcast from the Buckinghamshire area but due to numerous attempts to jam or hijack the signal (presumably by hostile agencies) the MOD moved it to the Royal Air Force Base at Akrotiri in Cyprus a more secure site. The message would start with The Lincolnshire Poacher tune followed by a female voice who would identity who the message was for with a 5 digit call sign then the voice would read 200 message groups all with the E 03 transmission lasting 45 minutes on a daily basis. Other famous Numbers Stations are called 'The Russian man' or 'Swedish Rhapsody (for it uses a child's fairy tale musical box tune). Nearly every intelligence agency worldwide engages in this and one or two have been outed/busted coming from various 'Embassy Staff Houses'.....

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