Dashcam video shows driver crashes, ending 146 mph pursuit in Brevard, Volusia counties

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The driver of a Dodge Challenger whom the Florida Highway Patrol said was going up to 146 mph on I-95 during a pursuit in Brevard and Volusia counties finally came to a stop when state troopers executed a PIT maneuver on the muscle car.

According to Marcell Jones’ arrest report, the high-speed chase started Oct. 10 on County Road 5A in north Brevard County.

Thursday, for the first time, the state attorney’s office shared the last four minutes of the pursuit recorded on tense dash camera video.

The FHP said Jones — a Daytona Beach man who was 19 at the time of his arrest — weaved in and out of traffic, drove on the shoulder and also drove on the wrong side of State Road 44.

A few miles later, where SR-44 in Volusia County intersects with the 415, the FHP said Jones lost control of the Challenger.

Video shows troopers then attempting to execute a PIT maneuver as the rear bumper of the Challenger is dislodged.

During the pursuit, troopers said a distraught, underage passenger was looking back at them through a rear window of the Challenger as she put her hands together in a praying motion.

Jones faces charges of fleeing, reckless driving and child abuse.

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