Dash cam video shows insane moment robbers miss oncoming train by one second

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The video shows the shocking moment when runaway robbers were just inches away from being flattened by a train. A pair of suspected thieves were filmed speeding at more than 120mph over a rail crossing.
In the clip from Auburn Police Department, filmed from an officer's dash cam, a train is seen barreling over the tracks.

But the getaways, in a silver Cadillac, raced towards a rail crossing intersecting the main road.

The crossing barriers were fully extended, and the train was trundling towards the road, but the drivers refused to stop.

Missing the train by less than a second, the car flew over the intersection, lifting all four wheels off the ground and missing the oncoming train by inches.

The car then sped off past the police car filming the scene, as the pursuing cops were left stuck behind the train.

After posting the hair-raising clip on Twitter, the Washington state police department said the robbery took place at approximately 3.15pm on February 9.

Auburn PD officer Kolby Crossley said: “We got a call from one of the employees saying, 'Hey, the suspect just ran out the emergency exit door, they threatened me with a gun’.”

He added officers in the area were notified of the robbery and minutes later a police car on patrol spotted the suspects speeding towards them at 15th Street Southwest and Perimeter Road.

“The train was coming, so (the officers) obviously stopped”, Crossley said.

“But then here comes our suspect vehicle flying over the train tracks, hitting the crossing arms, and barely – and I mean barely missing the train.

“It could've been an absolute disaster.”

“Two of our officers were in the area travelling West on 15th St SW and noticed a train was approaching at 15th St SW and Perimeter Dr SW travelling South”, Auburn PD added on social media.

“As the railroad crossing arms were descending to stop traffic, our officers had to stop.

“However, the driver of the Cadillac continued driving at a high rate of speed and jumped the tracks while the crossing arms were fully extended.

“The Cadillac damaged the crossing arms in the process and nearly missed colliding with the train.”

The passenger, who cops said was the armed robber that bystanders reported to 911, hid in a nearby tree and after two hours of negotiations with police ultimately descended and was taken into custody without issue.

The robbery suspect was identified as Adam Louis Haskins, 30, and carried an extensive rap sheet which included multiple counts of theft, residential burglary, robbery in the second degree, and assault.

Haskins is now being held at Auburn's King County jail on a $100,000 bond.

The getaway driver remains on the run and his whereabouts are unknown, but surveillance photos released by Auburn PD showed the man fleeing the scene on foot.

He wore a white t-shirt, blue jeans, with short dark hair and appeared to have a tattoo on the inside of his right forearm.

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