Title Vehicle returned after a repeated felon arrested for carjacking

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On 7/9/22 around 9:05 A.M. officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle traveling around Campbellton Rd. and Myrtle Dr. Sw. The stolen vehicle was identified as a Buick Lacrosse that was carjacked earlier in Zone 3. Upon searching the area, officers located the vehicle parked at 1980 Myrtle Drive Sw.

Officers observed 3 male suspect lingering outside the vehicle. Additional units were requested to establish a perimeter around the building complex to keep a visual on the suspects. As officers advanced on the three suspects, they began to flee on foot. However, they were quickly apprehended by assisting units who were holding the perimeter.

One of the suspects, identified as Quintayvious Durham, was apprehended while in possession of a Glock Model 44 22 Pistol along with a total of 22 round of live ammunition. He was also in possession of the keys to the carjacked vehicle. Durham is also a convicted Felon out of Fulton County with 18 arrest cycles.

Lastly, Durham had an outstanding warrant out of Cobb County for an Aggravated Assault that occurred on 6/23/22. Durham was charged with Theft by receiving stolen property, Possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and obstruction. He was transported to the Fulton County Jail without incident. Repeat violent offenders are a heavy lift for our department, but we remain diligent and determined to hold them accountable.

Our hope is that this time, the courts will find a way to keep this dangerous suspect locked up for long enough to make him sorry he chose a life of crime. Zone 4 officers understood the assignment! Job well done! One

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