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Police are on the hunt for suspects after a mob of people jumped on top of police car in St. Louis that had responded to the scene of a party to break it up.
The crowd jumped up and down and even twerked on top of the car. Some of the crowd tried to open the door of the cop car as police inside called for backup.
The incident happened early Sunday morning along Washington Avenue, with multiple videos being posted by police from the ordeal.
One angle posted from a body-worn camera by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is taken from inside the cop car, showing rioters dancing on top of the car - even stomping on the windshield with the police officer inside.
One person even starts twerking on the car, which appears to be shaking violently as a result of the people on top of it.
Another angle from just in front of the car posted on Twitter shows anywhere between four to six people repeatedly jumping on the car as onlookers cheer them on.
The Police Department said no officers were hurt, although shots were fired in the area - and they're now looking for the people who apparently escaped as backup arrived.

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