For the unfortunate bears, we will say the word.

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Did you like the previous video with the bears?
It's really that simple.

No Russian will send his bear to the reactor for vodka if the bear's paws are not occupied with balalaika - otherwise he himself will drink vodka and eat with weapons-made uranium. And then this glowing green carcass no border guard will not stop ... drunken bear and in Japan will swim, and to the Hawaiian Islands will fly. On your own. Aborigines will then have nightmares and hiccups torment.

Have you seen bears riding motorcycles in the circus? That's right. And it is not much more difficult for him to control the aircraft.
So what? The Arabs have learned to fly, and the bear is much smarter!

Therefore, at first the bears go for vodka under supervision, they are controlled by one of the younger brothers...

By the way, did you like the brain switch? Police rubber quietly cries on the sidelines and calls mom. This is to drive bees away from vodka, here. Bees even have a saying - 'If they pour for nothing, then vinegar is sweet', and then vodka! Straight from the reactor!

Well, when the bear grows up, then he will run for vodka himself.


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