Carjacking suspect unharmed in shootout with Albuquerque SWAT team

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The Albuquerque Police Department released new details Friday following a shooting standoff in Albuquerque Oct. 5.

According to APD, calls were made by a woman held at gunpoint shortly before her car was reported stolen.

"Oct. 5, 2022, a 9-11 call came into our emergency communications center from a female victim who said that she had just been carjacked outside of her residence," said APD's Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock.

A GPS device used by the victim to track down her car led police to suspect, Daniel Rodriguez, 28, at his home.

"Detectives observed a male exit the residence, walked to a vehicle inside the property and then walked back inside the residence, confirming that someone was there, where our carjacked vehicle was," Hartsock said.

Police said they asked Rodriguez to surrender repeatedly, before he reportedly shot at officers.

"A short time later, a male was observed attempting to climb out of the back window of the residence. Detectives again gave the male commands to surrender, and he went back inside the residence," Hartsock said. "The subject that we believe fired at officers is 28-year-old Daniel Rodriguez of Albuquerque."

Following a SWAT standoff, gunfire was exchanged.

"A single detective returned fire. Nobody was struck during this exchange of gunfire," Hartsock said. "Officers from our Special Tactics Unit SWAT team cleared the residence, and inside they found Mr. Rodriguez hiding. He was taken into custody."

Another male, identified as Jacob Cormier, exited the residence and was also taken into custody.

On Nov. 17, Rodriguez was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault upon a peace officer, felon in possession of a firearm and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

Police also revealed the gun used by Rodriguez was reported stolen June 2022.

APD said the officer who fired their weapon is a detective whose name has been withheld. The detective has been with APD since 2005 and has not been involved in prior shootings, according to APD.

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