Weekend Cinema - The Terminus - 1961

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Now then, ideally, this should have started with the unmistakable voice and guitar riff of Ray Davies singing 'Dirty old river, must you keep rolling, flowing into the night?
People so busy, make me feel dizzy, taxi light shines so bright
But I don't need no friends
As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset, I am in paradise'....

But it didn't and yet this film went on to win several accolades in it's own right....Its a British Transport Film Library Classic and an Ethno-Biographical dream.... It encompasses a period of rapid change within the country....it's less than 20 years since the UK was at Total War for it's very survival - and it shows in peoples faces....

'Waterloo Station'.

Caution: if a TukTok 15 seconder be your fave you're better off just quietly turning back here and consider yourself saved.... saved in respect of you don't need to be hassled with bllx like this - you probably have far more important things to attend to .....innit.... anyhow, should you like the genre settle down with a turn-on of your liking and get lost for 30 mins in how it was not all that long ago,,, particularly like the scene whereby the Old Bill hold back the well dressed punters as a busload of old lags were being put in a special carriage for onward travel to their lagging station (long term prison doing over three and a half) - in this instance HM Parkhurst (14:41+)

sit back and enjoy this quality piece of footage - I dare ya!

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