Dallas police take down 4 groups of robbers responsible for dozens of robberies

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Dallas Police say they have taken down four crews of robbers who they say are responsible for more than 40 business robberies across the city.

The latest arrest was this week after a cell phone store was robbed on East Ledbetter Drive, Tuesday around 11 a.m. Officers chased the alleged robbers down.

"The fact that these officers not only gave closure to the victim, they also prevented future robberies from occurring," said Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Officers responded to a call of a robbery.

Mabelyn Sosa works at the cell phone store.

"They came in saying, 'we need to get an Uber. Can we charge our cell phones?'" said Sosa.

At the time, she says two employees were working, but one left for lunch.

"I guess they saw one person left and thought that was the time to get something real quick," said Sosa.

Sosa says the men demanded the employee open a safe in the back of the store.

"They got aggressive with the representative and said 'hey, get in here.' He's like, 'I don't know how to get in there. I can't get inside.' They did kind of a sign like they had a gun, but we didn't see it. It was threatening and pretty scary, "said Sosa.

Police say the men took cash, cell phones, and one of the employee's keys.

Officers arrived within minutes. Dallas police say the officers were in the parking lot when the suspects stole the employee's car. Video captures the car taking off at a high rate of speed in reverse.

"They were already on site when the car was stolen. They had the guts to steal the car, "said Sosa.

After a brief chase, the suspects were caught.

"This isn't a one time crime and they are done. I am very confident that these amazing men and women stopped more robberies from occurring by arresting these two individuals," said Garcia.

Garcia says the department continues to focus on bringing down violent crime.

So far this year, robberies have dropped more than 15%.

"Proactive policing is what keeps the city afloat," said Garcia.

Garcia says the department has been successful in part because of the support of the mayor, city council and city manager. He says the department will stay on course as the city begins to look for a new city manager.

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