Adorable pet boar loves falling asleep in hot soapy bath

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An adorable pet boar loves to fall asleep in hot soapy baths.

Footage shows the four-month-old female animal named Chawee jumping in the basin filled with warm water in Nakhon Ratchasima province, northeastern Thailand on August 24.

Her owner Somjit Maneechan, 63, will then scrub the swine’s body with soap until the animal dozes off while having the refreshing bath.

The boar also likes to be bottle-fed while she has a bath before being let out in the yard to play and roam around.

Pet owner Somjit said: ‘I treat Chawee just like a family member. Not only does she know how to jump into the basin, sometimes she would even come and help me move the chicken up from the paddy field.

‘I also took care of Chawee’s mother but when it gave birth to two boars, one of them died and only Chawee survived. I remember Chawee walking to me and letting me feed cow’s milk for her.’

The old woman added that many people and even some of her neighbours wanted to buy the 25kg wild pig from her but she always rejected their offer.

She said: ‘Some even told me they’d buy Chawee for 1,500 baht but I always said no. Chawee feels like a family member to me and I would never sell her to anyone.’

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