Known criminal, Tyler Fayconsolo, attempts to elude Marion deputies, and is captured by the K9 unit

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You’re probably wondering why Tyler Fayconsolo was arrested earlier this week. That is a great question, and we would love to tell you.

You see, Tyler decided not to use his head most of the night, and it started with him leaving the Circle K on SE Maricamp Road at a high rate of speed, driving erratically. Tyler began driving at speeds of up to 100 mph, unable to maintain his lane, and ran a red light. Due to suspicion of Tyler being under the influence while driving, K-9 Cpl. Esquivel attempted to perform a traffic stop.

Yet again, Tyler didn’t use his head, and he refused to stop. Tyler attempted to make several evasive maneuvers to try and elude K-9 Cpl. Esquivel. Tyler attempted to drive on the wrong side of the road, entering the Greenway Trailhead parking area, where he almost hit two individuals who were parked at the trailhead.

After that, Deputy Eniah Eck successfully deployed stop sticks, which deflated all four of Tyler’s tires. Yet, Tyler still continued to flee through a fence of a home on SE 23rd Street. However, the back part of the fence was concrete, and the vehicle became disabled. This is where Tyler used his head, but not how you should … he headbutted the passenger side window and came flying out like a dolphin.

But in Tyler fashion, he stopped using his head once again and thought running from a K-9 was a great idea. K-9 Jet was released, and he took a bite out of crime – and Tyler. Tyler was arrested and transported to the hospital, where he stated he was “High as *f—k*” before being transported to the lovely Gold Star Hotel, where he remains.

Tyler was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Aggravated Fleeing with Injury or Damage, and Resisting without Violence.

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