Police release bodycam footage to urge drink drivers not to get behind the wheel under the influence

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Police have released shocking footage of bumbling drivers who have been caught drunk behind the wheel.

The footage includes one driver completely unaware they have run over a street sign - showing the real life implications of drink driving could have more serious consequences.

Durham Constabulary ’s eye-opening reel shows the disastrous effects of jumping in the car after even just a few pints or a cheeky gin, as officers target people who ignore the law in the run up to Christmas, putting lives at risk.

“Whilst we tackle this issue all year round, it is more likely at Christmas time that people may get behind the wheel after a drink,” said inspector Kevin Salter, at Durham Constabulary

“It is extremely frustrating as a roads policing officer that some motorists still choose to drive under the influence of drink or drugs in the knowledge that their actions could kill or seriously injure someone else’s loved one.

“Drink or drug driving is completely unacceptable and preventing this risk on our roads is one of our main priorities.”

Anyone caught driving over the legal limit faces six months in prison, an unlimited fine, and a substantial driving ban, while anyone who causes death while drink or drug driving could be jailed for up to 14 years.

An estimated 200 fatal drink drive collisions were reported in 2020, the most recent date available from the UK government, unchanged from the previous year.

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