Campus Leaders Revolution 2021 | Day 2

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Campus Leaders' Revolution is a gathering of young people and youth leaders who desire to change the nation, one campus and one person at a time.

This year, we are doing it online for the second time. This Jesus movement continues to focus on reaching out to young people to help them receive freedom from the wrong culture that destroys their potentials. Indeed, it's high time once again to be encouraged and receive the Vision that comes from God through our national and international G12 leaders.

So gear up now and be all set as we gather Campus Revolutionaries this coming August 19-21, 2021! Don't miss an awesome 3-day online gathering together with our fellow campus leaders and dear pastors. Sure enough, this is our online place to be to get a clear vision and receive the heart of God for our campuses.

You have a part in what God is doing in our nation, and your part matters! As Jesus saved us, He is also sending us to make an impact on this world, especially in the present times.


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