Video shows Met Police officer dive into river to catch armAed man after car chase

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Dramatic footage shows a Metropolitan Police officer diving into a river to catch an armed man following a 77mph police chase. During a routine patrol in Blackheath, South East London, officers signalled for a grey Mercedes, driven by 31-year-old Clive Tebu, to pull over.

He failed to do so and instead began a chase, reaching 77mph in a 20mph zone. He rammed a member of the public’s vehicle before mounting a pavement, narrowly missing pedestrians. When he realised he was blocked in, he leapt from the car and began fleeing on foot.

Tebu climbed over a wall and jumped into the River Quaggy followed by one of the officers involved in the chase, and an off-duty officer who had seen the chase and stepped in to help. The off-duty officer raced through the water, at full speed, before apprehending Tebu and holding him until his colleague reached him.

During the pursuit Tebu threw items out of his car including a loaded firearm, ammunition and a large amount of cash.

Detective Constable Rachael Nelhams, of the specialist crime command (Trident), said: “Thanks to the professionalism and diligence of these officers, another viable firearm has been taken off the streets. This will inevitably have saved lives and prevented unknown victims suffering serious injuries or worse.

“The police drivers involved in this incident showed a high level of skill in safely following Tebu as he drove in an extremely dangerous manner. The officer who pursued him over a wall and into the river showed impressive determination and commitment.

“I would also like to praise the off duty officer who saw a colleague in need of help and jumped in – quite literally – to provide vital support. His selfless actions were brave and showed the best qualities of policing. Without his intervention it is possible that Tebu, who was not weighed down in the water in the way the fully-kitted officer was, might have got away.”

Tebu, of Jenningtree Road in Bexley, appeared at Woolwich Crown Court on Wednesday (October 19) in relation to the chase which took place on April 19. He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, driving without insurance and possessing a firearm and ammunition.

The judge jailed Tebu for five years and 10 months. He was also disqualified from driving for 59 months.

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