Video shows inmate’s dramatic escape at Clayton County Jail

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Police in Clayton County believe 22-year-old Nigiel Lee was looking for a way to esc the very minute he was put into handcuffs and placed into the back of an officer’s patrol car. Lee’s opportunity would come just minutes after he arrived at the Clayton County Jail, despite a request for additional help in the transfer.

Officers with the Clayton County Police Department swarmed the 5700 block of Grande River Road on Thursday night after getting a 911 call reporting an armed person trying to break into a home.

Police say the suspect eventually found his way to the second-floor of a home. Police say when the homeowner went to confront Lee, he busted out the bathroom window, climbed out onto the roof, and jumped over all the officers outside.

Police say he also jumped over a fence into another yard. He again tried to make his way into a home, but officers were able to catch up with him. He was taken into custody without further incident.

After searching him, investigators say they found a gun and marijuana on him.

He then was cuffed and placed into the back of a police cruiser to be taken to the Clayton County Jail. At that point, the cruiser’s internal cameras and the officer’s body camera tell the rest of the story.

On the way to jail, police say the officer received several red flags from Lee. The first was when police say Lee got his handcuffs in front of him. The second was when he asked, on video, for the officer to pull over, so he could go to the bathroom.

After seeing his prior arrests, the officer determined he was at a high risk for esc and called her shift supervisor. The officer requested from the jail what is called a "ramp call". The Clayton County Police Department defines this as a request for extra jail staff to assist in the transfer and booking of an arrestee.

The officer’s body camera video shows her securing her weapons in the trunk, as is standard procedure before entering the jail. A deputy can be seen coming out moments later. The officer explains the flight risk to the deputy before opening the door to the back of the cruiser.

Lee is ushered from the back of the vehicle and is not two steps ahead of the deputy, the video shows, when all of a sudden he is four, and six, and eight. Lee is seen running through the sally port area, jumping on cars in an apparent attempt to get away.

The deputy and the now-unarmed officer attempt to corral Lee without much success. The officer asks the deputy if more backup could be brought out, but before that could happen, Lee appears to lunge toward the officer, who quickly moves out of the way.

He then hops one last SUV before crossing over the jail’s razor wire.

Police immediately launch a manhunt for Lee. After two hours, he was found about a mile west of his esc point thanks to a Clayton County Police Department K-9 team.

Lee, who was initially arrested on charges of home invasion, burglary, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, criminal trespass, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, obstruction of law enforcement, now also faces theft by taking, and escd prisoner charges.

According to online jail records, Lee also faces charges of criminal damage to property, aggravated assault, simple battery, and obstruction of an officer.

He also has outstanding warrants out of DeKalb County on charges of kidnapping, fleeing and eluding, robbery by sudden snatching, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, and family violence charges.

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