Mid Week Cinema - there's a hole in my engine my engine ...there's a hole in my engine.

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From the off it's best to know this is some 30 minutes long and is not suitable or of any use to a TukTuk Merchant and if you self identify as one you'd do well to do-a-twirl and go back one - this ain't for you - sorry 'bout dat..

So, you live outhataway and your worldly possessions don't amount to much and the big old engine you rely on suddenly experiences a hole in the side of the box - in western garages and facilities it will go for scrap but not here... It's interesting to watch and compare how when you have nothing you have to use 'nothing'. Hence the use of dried cattle manure which end up as being great heaters and fire-lighters in a land where there's little else. Here the manure pats are used to warm the casting...not too much as to melt the bastad but hot enough to give the metal some ductility.

It'd be easy to decry these unfortunate critters (unfortunate in respect they were born into a land of nothingness - sort of) and laugh as we use our air operated Milwaukee Tools to do the same job but it's not fair to compare the two....and, in any case, after the Minutemen II's and the Topol Ms have done their dastardly work and nothing is left in many western societies it'll be guys like these who have the ability to work with very little and to achieve an acceptable result - acceptable in respect the fucker now works and to get what's left of their trucking fleet up and running so as to get help and food where it's needed. Can't see this happening in London Town nor anywhere in most of Europe... so, in that respect alone you have to admire the ingenuity of these characters and look at things with an open mind ...example; you have little to no Calor Gas or Propane on hand and little money to buy any but you have got 100 sheep and goats that turn out nitrogen rich fuel pats by the dozen daily - hahaha -smart bastads eh!

Anyway, in that spirit check out these guys doing an engine Block Repair

As usual, Caveats apply: we have no need to know or read about safety flip-flops and the like - we already know all that stuff.

You Know The Thing.

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