Oklahoma City police officer survives assault by wanted fugitive during routine traffic stop

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Oklahoma City police released footage of a recent assault on an officer.

The incident happened on August 24 when Officer Alfredo Lopez-Soto stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation in the 2700 block of SW 29th Street.

According to police, Lopez-Soto saw three people inside the car and asked the driver, 34-year-old Logan Hathaway, to step outside because he didn't have a license.

Police said Hathaway tried to free, prompting Lopez-Soto to give chase, eventually taking Hathaway to the ground.

Police said Lopez-Soto tried to take Hathaway into custody, but he refused commands and began to fight.

According to police, Hathaway tried reaching for something in his waist during the ensuing struggle and eventually pulled out a handgun.

Police said Lopez-Soto tried to get control of the weapon and Hathaway discharged a round from it.

As the struggle continued, police said a backseat passenger, Alfonso Rodriguez, got out of the car and fled the scene.

Police said a front-seat passenger, Robin Palma, got out of the car and into the driver's seat before leaving the scene.

Other officers arrived on the scene and helped take Hathaway into custody. Officers recovered the gun Hathaway fired, and a loaded magazine from it.

After taking him into custody, police determined that Hathaway was a wanted fugitive by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for a 2022 felony conviction.

Hathaway was arrested on numerous charges, including assault and battery on a police officer.

Palma was later taken into custody for DUI, obstructing an officer, and not having a valid license.

Rodriguez was apprehended for obstructing an officer.

Lopez-Soto suffered some minor injuries during the struggle with Hathaway.

"Officer Alfredo Lopez-Soto's extensive training and unwavering helped him survive an attack by a previously convicted, armed suspect," Oklahoma City police wrote on Facebook.

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