Plainfield Fire Department responds to overnight house fire

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Video captured on a dash camera and body camera during a house fire overnight Thursday showcased the importance of first responder training, the Plainfield Fire Department said.
Around 12:20 a.m., dispatchers sent firefighters from Plainfield Township and other neighboring departments to check out a house fire along Alcove Court in Plainfield Charter Township.

Dispatchers reported a fire coming through the roof near a chimney.

The first crews that made it to the home quickly saw the fire and organized their response quickly.

"This video outlines the importance of why we train. There are a number of things that need to be completed in the first few minutes to ensure the fire loss does not continue to increase after our arrival. Training, teamwork, and communication worked well in mitigating this incident," the Plainfield Township Fire Department said in a Facebook post.

"This incident also highlights the importance of having chimneys inspected and cleaned on an annual basis if you use them."

The family had working smoke alarms, firefighters said.

While the fire remains under investigation, investigators have a hunch it may have started within the chimney space.

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