Hayward Police Department released bodycam footage of a fatal police shooting on Eden County Road

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Hayward Police Department released bodycam footage on Thursday of a fatal police shooting that happened Oct. 24. A Hayward police officer shot and killed an unidentified man on Eden County Road near Highway 580, police said.

Police said the situation began at about 10:00 a.m. when officers were sent to the 21000 block of Gary Drive for a disturbance. HPD said a man went to his ex-girlfriend’s house armed with a gun before entering the home and arguing with the woman’s mother.

Police released audio of 911 calls placed by the mother and two witnesses. Audio reveals the woman telling the 911 dispatcher that she kicked the man out of the house, but he lingered by the door and banged on it with a gun.

Loud popping noises, which are presumably gunshots, are heard. The woman said the man shot her daughter’s car. A baby, which the woman says is her 2-year-old child, is heard screaming in the background.

Police said the man eventually drove away from the victim’s house in a silver Mercedes-Benz towards Castro Valley, where the shooting would eventually occur. Officers tried to stop his car on Grove Way, but he refused to pull over, according to HPD.

A pursuit was initiated, and police said the man reached speeds as high as 85 MPH before getting off Highway 580 at Eden Canyon Road. Officers forced the Mercedes onto an embankment to end the pursuit, police said. The man then got out of the car.

The bodycam footage shows an officer chasing the man down the road on foot while repeatedly yelling, “Show me your hands. You’re gonna get shot.” The man continued to run away until he came across another car, which police said belonged to an uninvolved woman.

The video shows the man approaching the driver’s side door of the car. According to HPD, he pointed a gun at the woman and tried to open the car door.

Still holding the gun, the man took several steps away from the car, video shows. The officer then fired three shots from close range, and the man fell to the ground, dropping his gun.

According to police, the man was taken to a hospital in an ambulance, where he was later pronounced dead. The woman whose car he approached was uninjured. Two officers were hospitalized for non-life-threatening injuries.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s Office are investigating the incident. Police said the involved officers have been threatened because of this incident, and their names are not being released for that reason.

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