BMW driver instigates 100-mph chase with Marion deputies believing ‘it would be fun,’

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Investigators say the pursuit started around 10:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 4, when Corporal Jordan Tripp saw a BMW sedan travel through a red light southwest of Ocala.

“The driver ... was traveling at around 100 MPH when he drove around Corporal Tripp and through the intersection,” officials said.

“Corporal Tripp, who was stopped for the red light, activated his emergency lights and siren and attempted to catch up. ... Due to the fact (the suspect) was traveling at high speeds, driving erratically, and driving into a residential area, the pursuit was canceled for public safety.”

The driver eventually lost control and ran into a field, a deputy’s dash camera video shows. However, the car sped away again when the patrol car approached. It was then recorded traveling through another red light.

Other deputies located the car 30 minutes later, and Corporal Milton Manchester got the driver to pull over at a gas station.

Once stopped, the driver did not resist and tossed his keys out the window as instructed, video shows.

“He was placed under arrest,” officials said. “When Corporal Tripp asked him why he fled, (the suspect) stated he thought he could get away with it and that it would be fun.”

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