Four dogs try to catch wild monkey cheekily sitting on top of goalposts

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This is the hilarious moment four dogs tried to catch a wild monkey sitting cheekily on top of a football goal.

The stray pooches cornered the lone macaque standing on top of the metal crossbar in Udon Thani province, northeast Thailand, on September 21 morning.

Appearing to be territorial and protective of the area, the dogs kept jumping up and down in an attempt to reach the primate which calmly balanced on the steel structure.

However, their efforts were in vain as the cheeky primate simply shrugged off the attempted attack knowing that the mutts were unable to scale the goalposts.

Onlooker Apichat Lasa said he heard the dogs barking while passing by and noticed they were trying to catch the monkey on the field.

He said: β€˜I was on my way to work when I saw the dogs jumping to catch the monkey. They really wanted to catch it but could reach it on top.’

The worker added that the monkey was safe as the dogs later gave up trying to reach the monkey from the high post after a while.

He said: β€˜It was funny they took turns jumping up and down until they gave up. The moment they left the monkey scrambled to a tree and out of sight.’

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