Body cam shows officer's encounter with man with long gun at gas station

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A Bureau of Criminal Investigation review of shots fired by an Evendale officer found the use of force was within department policy, as the Evendale police department released body cam video of the incident.

A Hamilton County grand jury also indicted that suspect on ten counts including felonious assault, failure to comply with police, inducing panic and aggravated menacing.

Two Evendale officers were on an unrelated traffic stop when they heard a shot fired shortly before midnight on Feb. 2.

While investigating where the shot was fired, police say a witness told Sgt. Marc Terhar it came from the Speedway on Reading Road.

As Sgt. Terhar pulled into the Speedway, he saw a man standing outside his pickup truck with a long gun. Police say that man was Ramirez.

Sgt. Terhar can be heard on his body cam video telling the man to drop the gun. Police say Ramirez refused and raised the shotgun at the officer. Sgt. Terhar fired several shots. The driver sped away from the gas station while Sgt. Terhar made sure no bystanders were injured. The Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office said Ramirez fired one shot in the direction of Sgt. Terhar.

Police said they did find discharged shotgun rounds both in the pickup truck and the Speedway lot. Witnesses told police Ramirez fired shots before Sgt. Terhar got to the gas station.

As the pickup drove away, additional officers started pursuing it.

As the pickup moved into different jurisdictions, another officer allegedly spotted Ramirez with the shotgun pointed out the driver's window.

Police release body cam video of shots fired incident with a man they identified as Carlos Ramirez. Ramirez was also indicted on 10 counts (Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office)

Again, police say Ramirez refused to comply with officers and led them on a chase. The chase ended when police say Ramirez's pickup truck ran into a Metro bus.

Ramirez refused to comply, and officers said they had to use pepper balls and a police dog to get him under arrest.

Evendale officers said they later found out that Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers had already been looking for Ramirez at the time of the confrontation with police for allegedly firing shots from his pickup while on southbound I-75 in the Monroe area.

They also learned that Ramirez has been arrested about 24 hours before on for OVI and improper handling of a firearm by the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Warren County. He was released just seven hours before the incident in Evendale.

Sgt. Terhar was placed on administrative leave after the incident, which is standard procedure. Following the review of his use of force, he was allowed to return to full-duty on Saturday.

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